The Case of Dae-Eun's Corruption Foundation, which took control of the school again thanks to the Private School Law


I'm a board member of a private school.

It's like a family company.

If a corruption is detected and more than half of the directors are kicked out, the education office sends a temporary director.

But if less than half, who will be the senior director?

I'm with the rest of the directors.

It's a crumbling 안전놀이터 추천 boardroom filled with other aides.

Originally, even if only one of the directors had to resign due to corruption, the education office had appointed a temporary director, which was changed in 2007 when the Private School Act was amended.

That's why private school corruption is repeated.

A series of reports on corruption in private schools, today (Sept. 7), pointed to the problem of why normalizing schools is so difficult even if we detect corruption.

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